18 Hidden Europe Gems You Need to Visit in 2021

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Cold mornings, check. Historic architecture, check. French pastries and Italian pasta, check.

What’s missing? The crowds…

The offseason is the best time to visit Europe and pretend it is your own private playground. Whilst the famous cities of London and Paris never really lose the crowds, here are a few trade-offs I am sure you will fall in love that are (nearly) free from selfie stick attacks and queues long enough to be a flight time during the offseason.

Exploring Europe is super easy thanks to both how close countries are, and also the Schengen zone making bus travel between cities sometimes the best routes at the most affordable prices. To hunt for timetables make use of (formerly) which allows you to search and book trains, buses and flights in Europe and is a great tool to help you plan, especially given there can be many different bus operators on each route.

Dresden and Saxony, Germany

The capital city of the Saxony region, Dresden was a pleasant surprise. The city is compact enough to aimlessly explore on foot, and the grand Baroque architecture, which was restored (and in some case, is still being repaired) following the extensive damage of the war makes this a worthy European city break to rival some of the other grand cities in central Europe. Although it might not be as large as some of these other cities, the depth of arts, culinary creativity and the emerging street-art scene here make it a great long weekend destination.

While the height of summer and the month bring in the crowds, Dresden doesn’t yet seem as discovered as Munich, Cologne and Berlin which means you can marvel at the architecture, enjoy your winter Gluhwein and get lost in countless galleries and museums without having to face an army of fellow tourists.

Christmas in Saxony is on a whole other level, as you can watch on my video, with traditions, markets and festivities galore.

Nowhere is that truer than in the Ore Mountains and Seiffen, an old mining town which is full of Christmas shops and has a long tradition of producing wooden toys. Whether you visit the Christmas markets, take part in old miners festive traditions such as feasts, parades or underground concerts in mines, a visit to Saxony in December will give you all the Christmas feels but without the crowds of say, Prague.

The Algarve, Portugal

If your budget won’t stretch to tropical beaches (where with monsoons to battle with in the likes of Bali you’ll still end up wet) then Portugal’s Algarve Coast is your best bet.

While there is no denying that winter sea swimming is reserved for the fearless, there is still some good surf and sun-kissed days to be had. With over 300 sunny days a year and heavily discounted prices outside summer, the off-season in the Algarve is a good to get your winter.

Milan, Italy

Milan is a magical city and in the winter, when the crowds die down around the Duomo and the crisp winter air brings snow to the mountain peaks surrounding the city, it becomes even more special. Ignoring the truly special Christmas markets and lights that bring the city to light, the various regions of Milan with their outside heated tables or the old charms and warmth of the Osteria restaurants, tick all the right boxes.

In a city where fashion rules supreme, shopping till you drop isn’t a bad idea in the colder months but thanks to a plethora of museums and galleries, you can easily escape the cold with a dose of culture.

As the city is continually evolving and newer, modern districts such as CityLife pop up to complement the classics of Milan like its famed Gallerie, there are plenty of places to while away a long weekend. Catch an opera at the incredible Teatro Alla Scala, wrap up warm to explore the Castle, dip into the beautiful Brera public library or enjoy the modern art exhibitions at La Triennale. With plenty to keep you entertained inside, and the Milanese food being more heartwarming with its focuses on risottos and beef, it becomes an ideal winter destination.

South-West England

London is always hectic, it doesn’t really matter what time of year, but if you want a slice of historic architecture, red phone boxes and (chilly) fish and chips on the beach, you can’t go wrong with the South-West of England.

Take in the 150-million years of prehistoric history along the fossil infused Jurassic Coast, explore Exeter Cathedral in all its glory and check out the impressive architecture of the Roman Baths in Bath. Without the crowds to battle with and spending most of the time in cosy, fire-lit pubs and intricate architectural buildings will keep you warm and snug.

I took a three-day Rabbies tour through England from London to discover the best sights without any hassle.


A lot of people warned me against travelling to Icleand in winter and although it didn’t go perfectly, the money saved and snowy covered experiences were worth it.

The northern lights hid the whole time sadly for me but seeing the country covered in snow, the incredible New Year celebrations, trekking glaciers, hunting waterfalls and snorkelling between two continents even in the cold are some of the best travel moments you can have. Iceland is the kind of place that looks different each season, so even between Autumn and Winter there is a considerable difference.

Cinque Terre, Italy

When I headed to Cinque Terre in November I was in luck with clear blue skies and sunny days, although the temperature wasn’t exactly t-shirt weather.

The huge bonus of visiting Cinque Terre in the off-season is the lack of crowds, jumping on the train between the five villages is never crowded and you can get the front row seats at cafes for the best colourful views of the villages. While some of the hiking paths may be closed and the busses far fewer, for me, it’s a no-brainer price to pay to enjoy the Liguria coastline without the crowds.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you have a thing for Canals, coffee and quirky capital cities then skip out on Amsterdam this year and head to Ljubljana. Since I visited four years ago Slovenia has garnered a heap of online attention but trust me, Europe’s cutest capital city is the ideal winter escape.

With a growing wine scene, plenty of canal-side dining options, great winter markets and a really eco-conscious vibe throughout the country, it’s the perfect jumping off point to see Lake Bled which looks simply magical against the snowy mountain backdrop.

Stockholm, Sweeden

By far my favourite capital-city in Scandinavia, Stockholm is a dream in summer when kayaking or cycling through the city is a great way to explore. But thanks to its characterful old-town, year-round events calendar and slightly lower prices in the off-season, its a great city escape all year round.

The Christmas Markets here are ace but there are also lots of things to discover inside, the Vasa Museum, complete with the famed ship that sunk minutes after setting sail. The subway system in Stockholm is also one of the most decorated in the world, with numerous stations being complete artworks you barely need to venture outside into the cold.

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