How to Make the Best Guacamole

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The best guacamole keeps it simple: just-ripe avocados, salt, a squeeze of lime, onions, chilis, cilantro, and some chopped tomato. Serve it as a dip at your next party or spoon it on top of tacos for an easy dinner upgrade.

Guacamole! Did you know that over 2 billion pounds of avocados are consumed each year in the U.S.? That’s over 7 pounds per person. I’m guessing that most of those avocados go into what has become America’s favorite dip: guacamole .

Guacamole: A Classic Mexican Dish

The word “guacamole” and the dip, are both originally from Mexico, where avocados have been cultivated for thousands of years. The name is derived from two Aztec Nahuatl words— ahuacatl (avocado) and molli (sauce).

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Ingredients for Easy Guacamole

All you really need to make guacamole is ripe avocados and salt . After that, a little lime or lemon juice—will help balance the richness of the avocado. If you want, add chopped cilantro, chilis, onion, and/or tomato.

How to Pick Perfectly Ripe Avocados

The trick to making perfect guacamole is using avocados that are just the right amount of ripeness. Not ripe enough and the avocado will be hard and flavorless. Too ripe and the taste will be off.

Check for ripeness by gently pressing the outside of the avocado. If there is no give, the avocado is not ripe yet. If there is a little give, the avocado is ripe. If there is a lot of giving, the avocado may be too ripe and not good. In this case, taste test first before using.

How to Cut an Avocado

To slice open an avocado, cut it in half lengthwise and twist apart. One side will have the pit. To remove it, you can carefully tap against the pit and twist to dislodge it (protecting your hand with a towel), or you can cut the avocado into quarters and remove the pit with your fingers or a spoon

Guacamole has a role in the kitchen beyond a party dip. It’s great scooped on top of nachos and also makes an excellent topping or side for enchiladas, tacos, grilled salmon, or oven-baked chicken.

Guacamole is great in foods, as well. Try mixing some into a tuna sandwich or your next batch of eggs.

How to Store Guacamole

Guacamole is best eaten right after it’s made. Like apples, avocados start to oxidize and turn brown once they’ve been cut. if you store the guacamole properly, you can easily make it a few hours ahead if you are preparing for a party.

The trick to keeping guacamole green is to make sure air doesn’t touch it! Transfer it to a container, cover it with plastic wrap, and press down on the plastic wrap to squeeze out any air pockets. Make sure any exposed surface of the guacamole is touching the plastic wrap, not air. This will keep the amount of browning to a minimum.

You can store the guacamole in the fridge this way for up to three days. If the guacamole develops discoloration, you can either scrape off the brown parts and discard, or stir into the rest of the guacamole before serving.

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