One day in Stockholm Sweden, Cruise Itinerary

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Stockholm is hands down one of my favourite cities and it was awesome to head back there recently on my Princess Cruise and spend a day exploring it again. If you are planning a longer visit then also check out my weekend in Stockholm without breaking the bank post, or to see what you can explore in one day scroll down.

If you are arriving on a cruise you’ll either dock in the city, which is nearer but actually means less time on land due to port rules, or dock in Nynashamn which is further out but allows for more time to explore. You can see a few highlights from Stockholm at 7:25 on my cruise video.

Time in port: Varies depending if docking in the city or Nynashamn. We docked in Nynashamn so had longer, 7 am – 7 pm
(time in port can vary depending on departure date, you can check exact timings on the Princess website)

Transport/distance: If in the city, short walk. If Nynashamn, around an hour by bus or train

Excursions available: With excursions around both Stockholm and the fishing villages of Nynashamn available there is plenty to pick from, but the rooftop tour of Stockholm, complete with a safety harness, is by far one of the most exciting.

Exploring the city by subway

While I’m a massive advocate for exploring a city on foot, in Stockholm the underground system is a huge part of the city for more than its transport, so here the rules change.

With many of the stations having unique artwork displays covering the jagged rock caves, you can get around quickly on your day trip here while also admiring an underground art gallery.

It’s worth checking out all of the best Stockholm underground stations even if they aren’t near something you want visiting though if you only have one day in Stockholm, then pick a handful to explore.

Explore the waterways

One of the best things about Stockholm is how green, clean and breezy it is, in part thanks to the many rivers running through it. I always advise people to hire a kayak and spend at least an hour admiring the city from a different perspective but be aware most of these businesses only open during the height of summer.

Marvel at a museum

You’ll also find plenty of museums in Stockholm, including the impressive Vasa museum which houses the old ship in its entirety and pays homage to just how important the oceans have been to Sweden over the years. In fact, there are countless museums and galleries in Stockholm, the Abba one is good for a laugh, and the Photographic is one of my favourites, but there is something for everyone.

Grona Land, an assessment park on one of the islands is a great pick for families or if you just want to kick back with a picnic lunch then head to Djurgarden, a leafy island where many locals can be found relaxing.

Dine with a view

There is no shortage of rooftop bars or fancy restaurants with magnificent views of the city. Meatballs, seafood and local soups are popular across menus here, and Herring is a favourite fish, usually pickled, to enjoy in Sweden.

Enjoy Fika

Having coffee and cake with friends is such a big deal in Sweden it has its own name: Fika. Danish pastries, especially cinnamon buns, can be found in countless cafes so settle in and get your people watching skills out to enjoy a cheeky sweet treat in the name of local culture.

Check out Soldermalm

When I spent a week in Stockholm many years back, I stayed in Soldermalm, a relatively residential neighbourhood that has become a hot-spot for shops of quirky clothes and hipster treats. It’s a complete contrast to the old town and if you need to revamp your wardrobe, take an hour out to walk the streets here.

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